Going through the excitement of buying a new home is lots of fun, from browsing homes for sale, to buying & decorating your new home. This blog contains articles related to decorating, cooking and gardening… all activities that you can enjoy in your brand new home!

Building a new home is your chance at a fresh start in life. While the projects of a new home may seem like a daunting task, it should be viewed in a completely positive manner! Utilize this opportunity to create a balanced, healthy home by focusing on the importance of creating healthy meals, the inspiration and personality of designing rooms, and the reward and benefits of home gardening. Creating a new home should be a reflection of your family’s personality. Not only are you building a home, but each day you are building memories. The joy of building a new home is seen in the creation of a space for your family to grow and prosper in a happy, healthy way.


Home CookingCreating delicious meals is good for the soul. Cooking and providing your body with nutritious vitamins and minerals is an essential part of owning a home.

Click here for articles on the importance of cooking for yourself and your family to live a healthy lifestyle. Get helpful tips, recipes and more.


happy colorsDecorating a newly built home is delightful. A new home acts as a blank slate that you can fill with the personality and style of your family. Decorating tips are not just reserved for new construction homes. We have tips that are great for older homes as well. Historic homes, renovated homes, large mansions, small row homes and everything in between. For great decorating tips and ideas, click here!


Cost effective cropsCultivating a garden for your home is one of the best decisions a new home owner can make. You and your family can experience the reward of growing and eating fresh crops which will aid in creating a healthy home. Click here for growing tips and more!

Learn about full scale gardening to contain gardening and everything in between. Tips on vegetable gardens, herb gardens and ornamental gardens.

Helpful General Household Tips:

Energy conversation is easy to accomplish with a set back thermostat, digital thermostat or a WiFi thermostat. Install one of these types of thermostats in your home and set the temperature to 5° or higher than normal for the times that you are not in your home during the summer. For example, instead of having your air conditioning system constantly set to 68°, set it to 75° from 9am to 5pm while you are at work. This air conditioning savings tip is brought to you by Princeton Fuel.