Keep Pests out of your Garden Naturally

Pest control the natural way

Growing a garden is a peaceful, fulfilling experience. That is, until you see the damage of pests. Pests have the capability of ruining all of your hard work and efforts by taking over your crops. Getting rid of pests can be done in a multitude of ways, but not all of them are safe for … [Read more…]

Cost Effective Plants to Grow in your Garden

Cost effective crops

When it comes to gardening, there should be a few plants in your garden that make the process worthwhile. The cost of organic fruits and vegetables these days is through the roof! Although they are healthy and desired, the cost is not worth the benefits. In an effort to save money and still eat healthy … [Read more…]

Gardening with Kids

Garden With kids

Gardening with children is an absolutely exceptional, worthwhile activity to pursue. It is both cost effective and perfect chance to teach your child important life values. Gardens lead to exercise, a love for fresh air, patience, and appreciation for nature’s food. When gardening with kids, it is important to keep the garden manageable for them. … [Read more…]

How to Design your Outdoor Space

Designing Your Backyard

The first step in dreaming up a backyard space is to know what you want the space to be used as. Whether it is a cozy retreat, a garden masterpiece, or a child’s play heaven, these are important considerations to make before making any further moves. It is also important to know your property and … [Read more…]

Planting your first Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens in a home’s yard are great for a plethora of reasons. It encourages family bonding, healthy eating, money saving, and a natural approach to life. If planting a vegetable garden is something you’re interested in trying but you don’t know how, follow these great steps. The first thing to consider when planning on … [Read more…]