Kid’s Bedroom Theme Ideas

Bedroom themes

Creating spaces for kids to live, think, grow and create should be the main focus when crafting your child’s bedroom. For this reason, there are thousands of creative design ideas that help bring themes to life and foster inspiration in children. Say, for example your child was interested in the ocean. Ocean rooms that have … [Read more…]

Ways to Save Space in a Small Room

Space Saving Tips

Small apartments or rooms are tricky to decorate without the room feeling cramped. In this case, there are a few clever tips and tricks to carry out to make the most out of the small space. The first step is to look for funky furniture with extra storage capabilities. Today, the market for these kinds … [Read more…]

DIY Home Decorating

DIY home decorating

If you are looking to give your home a few updates or remodels but you aren’t looking to break your budget, look no further. Here you can find tons of do-it-yourself renovation tips at a low cost! First, interior designers suggest purchasing large pieces like sofas, tables and large furniture all in more neutral colors. … [Read more…]

How To: Reupholster Furniture

Reupholster A Chair

Reupholstering furniture is an idea that seems impossible to most to do by themselves. The mere thought of it is daunting and frightening. However, with some simple sewing skills and tools, it is a very manageable task. When choosing to reupholster a piece of furniture, start by examining it thoroughly. Take note of all the … [Read more…]

Great Tips to Liven up a Room

Liven Up a Room

If you are looking to liven up an old, dull room, look no further. Check out some great and stylish tips to add life and fun to any room. Start by mix matching colors, textures and patterns. Be sure to stay within your color pallet when doing this. This gives the room a more whimsical feel while … [Read more…]

Hanging Beds Big Boy Room WFMW

Hanging bed video

Hanging beds are exploding in popularity these days. Not only are they cool to look at, they also come with benefits! Hanging beds that subtly rock back and forth provide great sleeping benefits that normal beds just can’t offer. Rocking is proven to be a natural sleep aid starting way back at infancy. Mothers rock … [Read more…]