Grill It Up

Summer, for many, means pool lounging, games with friends Grillingand family, and of course, grilling! Backyard BBQ’s and grilling nights are a summer favorite! If you are interested in amping up your grilling techniques, check out these great tips that will make you look like a grilling superstar. The first big decision you need to make is whether you are a charcoal or gas person. There is no study to prove that one makes food taste better than the other; It is all based on personal preference. However, charcoal does emit more carbon dioxide, particulate matter and ozone into the atmosphere when burned. If you do prefer the taste of charcoal grilled food, picking the additive free kind makes food much safer to eat. It is also recommended to stay away from the use of light
r fluid, for it adds volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere and leave food ridden with dangerous chemicals. Before putting food on to grill, let the grill preheat for 10 to 15 minutes to heat it to the desired temperature. This will help your food cook more thoroughly and quickly! When cleaning your grill, it is most easily done while the grill is hot. After you have your grill preheated, scrape all the residue of your previous grill off with a wire grill brush. Next, use a vegetable oil soaked paper towel to apply oil to the grill. This will prevent lean foods from sticking and creating a mess. Marinate your meat! This will infuse the meat with extra flavor, and reduce the risk of ingesting the potential carcinogens in the meat by over 90%! The best way to tell if your meat is properly cooked is with a meat thermometer. This will prevent you from under or over cooking your meat and assure it is perfectly tender, juicy and just right. Keep the flames of your cooking under control in order to keep your food safer from the potential chemicals in the charcoal or gas fire. Before serving, allow meat to sit for around 10 minutes on a clean plate. This will allow the juices inside to distribute evenly, leaving the meat tender and juicy. With these tips, you can be a grilling master in no time! You can now serve your family and friends with an assurance that your food is both safe and healthy.