Make Your Favorite Recipes with a Healthy Twist

SaladComing up with meals everyday that everyone in your family is excited to eat is hard, unless of course you bring home a pizza or any other grease and fat ridden meal. There are, however, ways to make your family’s favorite comfort foods stocked up with hidden healthy twists. This will satisfy your families want for good tasting food, and your want to provide your family with delicious, nutritious dishes.

Starting with breakfast, there are many quick solutions to make healthy meals taste great. For example, make an omelet loaded with vegetables and superfoods like kale, avocado and spinach. By adding some cheese, onions, and peppers, the vegetables are hidden and the taste is delicious. If you’re interested in adding a health kick to pancakes, try making your own batter! Simply mix mashed up bananas, eggs and cinnamon. This is a super healthy, super easy pancake batter that makes fluffy delicious pancakes with no added sugar or flour!

When trying to create healthy lunches and dinners, simply decide on a food that your family loves, and do some research on it. See if you can substitute any ingredients to make the dish healthier. If not, try adding as many vegetables as possible in a subtle way so that you can enjoy the healthy meal. Take, for example, mac and cheese. Substitute regular pasta for whole wheat pasta, brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta. Then, in place of heavy cream, add greek yogurt. This will keep the mac and cheese creamy and delicious while cutting down on plenty of calories and fat. If you want to make the meal even healthier, replace the pasta with cauliflower and bake it. The cauliflower is hardly detectable when drowned in creamy cheese making for a sneaky way to get vegetables into a meal without complaints! This cuts back on the greasy fried fat, and becomes a much healthier and tastier side dish. If burgers are what your family is craving, consider cooking up black bean burgers or garden burgers for a major source of vegetables and a much healthier meal.  Coat chicken cutlets in egg and breadcrumbs and cook them in the oven for a healthier version of chicken nuggets. Make pizza healthy by creating a cauliflower crust. Add pesto, garlic, kale and any other vegetables of  your choice.

Surprisingly, dessert can be made healthy too! You can make chocolate pudding or mousse with avocados for a rich, creamy dessert. Try making flourless brownies with black beans for a sweet and protein packed treat. Cookies can be made healthier by using oats, butter substitutes, and other nutrition-packed ingredients. So next time you are cooking a meal, be sure to do some research before you start. Substituting healthy ingredients into a recipe can make eating a much more pleasant, feel-good experience!