The Benefits of Home Cooking Vs Eating Out

Home CookingThe craze of eating out has taken over American family homes in an increasingly negative way. Not only is life more fast paced, but it is also filled with the convenient counterpart of fast food restaurants. Sure, most fast food restaurants are revamping their menus and making their food slightly less terrible to eat. In moderation, with a combination of healthy eating and exercise, fast food is not the worst thing you can put in your body. But when it becomes a habit, therein lies the issue that many American’s face. It often happens more than people think. A quick coffee and snack on the way to work, a lunch outing, and stopping for take-out on the way home after a busy day is completely normal for some people.

The worst thing about take out or restaurant food is that the portions are out of control. When eating at a restaurant, people are intaking thousands more calories than they would if they cooked healthy foods at home. At a restaurant, people feel inclined to eat the large portions because they are paying good money for it. By cooking at home, you can control how many calories are going into your food, and teach your children healthy habits like moderation that they can use for the rest of their life.

Another huge downside to eating out is the cost. Not only are you paying more for meals, you are paying for empty calories. Restaurants and fast food places do not provide customers with meals full of protein that fill you up. High calorie and high fat foods do not provide people with enough energy, physically or mentally, to make it through the day in a good mood. This often leads to more sugar cravings and an even more unhealthy diet. Here is a tip for families: find out the average price it is for your family to eat out and figure out realistically how often you go out. Then, for a month, save up all the money you don’t spend at restaurants and watch your savings soar. Hopefully, you can see that the cost is absolutely not worth it.

Home kitchens are a great place for families to spend quality time. A kitchen should be a place of creativity, laughter and fun. Cooking together brings families closer together and more proud of the work they have accomplished. It often makes meals taste better just to know that you and your family prepared it. The best part about cooking at home is that you know what is going into your foods. At restaurants, you have no clue how many grams of fat or calories you are intaking, not to mention that chemically ridden foods you are eating. Eating at home allows you to make healthy choices and save money. People often eat out to save themselves the time of cooking and preparing a meal. However, driving to a restaurant, waiting to order, waiting for your food, waiting for your bill, and driving home eat up at least double the amount of time it would take to make a simple, healthy home cooked meal. By saving time, calories, and money, the clear choice is to limit you and your family’s restaurant dining frequency.