The Importance of Cooking with Children

Cooking with your children can be quite a mess, which is why many parents stay away from the idea of it all together. Despite the mess, there are so many positives to cooking with your children that make the mess seem worth the hassle. Cooking gives you and your children the grand gift of time together. While cooking, it is a great time to share stories, let them tell you about their lives, sing silly songs, or talk about anything and everything. It is a great excuse to bond with your children in a fun way. Clever parents know the importance of cooking with children goes beyond a time to chat. This is extremely valuable time to teach kids lessons in a hands on, practical and fun way!

Cooking with childrenWhile following a recipe, kids learn the importance of following directions. Recipes help kids understand the implications of what happens when directions are not followed properly which, in this case, means bad tasting food. However, a mistake in the recipe may have created a new, fantastic dish. Either way, this allows children to analyze a situation and learn from their mistakes. Cooking and following a recipe also allows for children to learn basic math skills. The can visualize what teaspoons, tablespoons, ½ cups and other measurements actually look like to give them a better understanding of fractions. Recipes, on some occasions, need to be doubled or halved. This is good multiplying and dividing practice for kids as well. Reading recipes can help teach your children language skills or meanings of words they are unfamiliar with. On top of just words they do not know, cooking cultural dishes and foods they have never tasted can help spark a child’s curiosity of different cultures and exotic foods. Cooking is a great time to teach your children about nutrition. While throwing ingredients into a recipe, explain to your children the health benefits or deterrents found in the food. Cooking with a child may also make them less of a picky eater. By assisting in cooking the foods, the child will be more likely to enjoy eating  it. When plating dishes, let your child’s curiosity take flight. Cooking and plating dishes is a great way to express art and put more life and fun into any meal. Children’s interests can be sparked in many different ways. Try cooking with your child and see if their curiosity or interests are inspired at any point along the way. Who knows, maybe one day your child will be a professional chef serving fine cuisine at a 5-star restaurant all thanks to the inspiration of you, the parents, cooking with your children.