Cost Effective Plants to Grow in your Garden

Cost effective cropsWhen it comes to gardening, there should be a few plants in your garden that make the process worthwhile. The cost of organic fruits and vegetables these days is through the roof! Although they are healthy and desired, the cost is not worth the benefits. In an effort to save money and still eat healthy foods, there are a few garden essentials that can help you in that endeavour.

The first is vegetable to plant in an effort to save money is lettuce. At the store, a head of lettuce costs two dollars or more. A box of spring mix is around five dollars too! For just two dollars, you can purchase lettuce seeds to plant, and enjoy the plentiful lettuce that grows right from your home. Bell peppers are easy to tend and worth it to plant. They tend to cost about one dollar and fifty cents per pepper at a grocery store. However, a pack of seeds costs about a dollar. Each plant produces multiple peppers that regenerate once picked during the season. This is an extremely worthwhile investment if you are a pepper lover. For around fifty cents, you can purchase garlic seed to plant. Growing garlic is not difficult, and it saves you from spending upwards of seven dollars on garlic at the store. Squash is typically sold by pound. It generally ranges from $1.50 to $2.00 a pound at the grocery store. When purchasing squash plants for just two dollars, you can generate tons of squash even and sell it to neighbors and friends if you have extra. Broccoli and tomatoes are other garden essentials. Not only do you save money, you also have quick access to extremely healthy foods filled with important vitamins and minerals. Gardening is very important to our world. Cultivating healthy, organic food in your own home is healthy, fun, cost effective and full of life lessons for children and yourself.