Gardening with Kids

Gardening with children is an absolutely exceptional, worthwhile activity to pursue. It is both cost effective and perfect chance to teach your child important life values. Gardens lead to exercise, a love for fresh air, patience, and appreciation for nature’s food.

When gardening with kids, it is important to keep the garden manageable for them. Keep the area on the small side with seeds of plants that grow fast. When getting the garden ready, planting or working in the garden, encourage your child to do it with you. This will allow them to understand natural processes and how gardens work. Watering and weeding become interesting and a top priority for children as they want to protect their garden and make sure their plants are healthy. Teaching kids about keeping the earth sustainable, keeping plants alive and the importance of eating healthy, homegrown foods is very important and easily achieved through gardening. Tending to a garden gives children a sense of responsibility and patience. Eating food that they physically grew can give kids pride, confidence, a love of the natural world, and can create a healthy food eater from the start.