How to Design your Outdoor Space

The first step in dreaming up a backyard space is to know what you want the space to be used as. Whether it is a cozy retreat, a garden masterpiece, or a child’s play heaven, these are important considerations to make before making any further moves. It is also important to know your property and your area. Decide what in the yard is staying and what is going. Find plants that aren’t going to be eaten by local pests. Know the township rules about what you can and can not put in your yard. All of these things need to be known and decided upon next. Then, make a plan on paper or on a computer. After you create a general idea, try drawing each item to the scale that you desire to make sure the yard has balance and that the space fits your dream. Then, focus on each area separately to make sure that each area includes what you are looking for. Then, figure out your budget and the cost of materials needed. Make sure that you dream big and search for great deals everywhere you can. If it is not in budget now, you can always start somewhere and keep the space growing and improving each year. For a detailed walk through and more design ideas, check out this great video!