Keep Pests out of your Garden Naturally

Growing a garden is a peaceful, fulfilling experience. That is, until you see the damage of pests. Pests have the capability of ruining all of your hard work and efforts by taking over your crops. Getting rid of pests can be done in a multitude of ways, but not all of them are safe for foods or you and your family to be in contact with. In order to save your garden from the threat of pests, there are some natural solutions that can be taken to prevent pest damage. The first step could be creating a fence that bunnies can’t dig under and deer can’t jump over. Consider covering your plants with a light burlap or plastic covering to keep insects off of the plants. Water the soil around the plant, not the plants leaves directly. Do this to ensure that fungal diseases do not take over the plants. If the unfortunate event of a disease does hit one of your plants, be sure to throw it away in the garbage, not the compost! Use the crop rotation strategy each year to keep the soil fresh and keep pests from making a permanent home. Spreading diatomaceous earth, soap, pepper, and garlic around the garden all do well in keeping pests away.  Considering finding pests natural enemies and allow them to get rid of the pest issue for you naturally. If pesticides are your last option, make sure to buy a clean, chemical free kind that does the least amount of harm possible.