Great Tips to Liven up a Room

If you are looking to liven up an old, happy colorsdull room, look no further. Check out some great and stylish tips to add life and fun to any room. Start by mix matching colors, textures and patterns. Be sure to stay within your color pallet when doing this. This gives the room a more whimsical feel while still being put together. Redoing a singe wall in the space as an accent wall really does give new life to a room. Think about painting a wall with stripes or any pattern or color within your color pallet. If painting is not something you are interested in, an accent wall can also be achieved by applying a fun wallpaper. Adding plants to a room in a tasteful way truly livens up the room. Using plants and flowers, the room gets new bursts of colors in a unique way. If your room is dull, change up the lighting and window fixtures to give new light and life into the room. Paint or recover old lamp shades for a unique and updated look. Remove old curtains on the windows. Sometimes, windows with no curtains make a room look and feel more dynamic. If this isn’t the case, try making or purchasing new curtains in a fun pattern and color that match the vibe of your room. Mirrors are another fun way to add a Interior Designdynamic twist to the room. Mirrors make a room feel larger, brighter and more open. Art and wall decorations are essential to making a room more fun. The art doesn’t have to be spectacular or overpriced to look nice in a room. Hang up family art projects in nice frames and a room instantly looks nicely decorated. Arrange framed photographs in a grid like shape on a wall for an easy, personable touch that looks expertly crafted. There are tons of easy ways to liven up a room at a very low cost!