Kid’s Bedroom Theme Ideas

Creating spaces for kids to live, think, grow and create should be the main focus when crafting your child’s bedroom. For this reason, there are thousands of creative design ideas that help bring themes to life and foster inspiration in children. Say, for example your child was interested in the ocean. Ocean rooms that have very cool features can be easy and fun to create. Start by deciding whether you’d like the room to feel like a nautical beach house, or a true under the sea theme that feels more like an aquarium. Nautical themes and styles are easy to create. Using colors like navy blue, corals, light blues, and sandy cremes, find fabrics to cover pillows and furniture with. Stripes and anchors are also a big style icon for nautical themes. Try creating accents like lamps, picture frames and bed frames with sailors rope. If you are crafty, you can create a bed that is boat themed with port holes and oars. Use sea stars and fake pearls on fishing string to create fun wall decor, or a cute mobile. Cut out and paint fake surfboards onto cardboard for fun wall art. Use fisherman’s nets as an awesome place to hang photos or models of sea creatures. Fisherman’s nets on the ceilings strung with lights is also a very cool look.

Another fun room theme is a jungle theme or tree house themed room. Purchasing a cool bunk bed or high lofted bed in this case is often suggested. Paint a large tree on the wall behind the bed. With a ladder climbing up the tree trunk into the lofted bed, it makes the room feel like a real tree house. Covering the walls and ceilings with maps and vines is also seen frequently with this design. Those are both easy things to do on a low budget. Animal themed decorations also add character to a room of this style. Try making a giraffe lamp, a monkey themed swing or hammock under the bunk bed, or a giant, fluffy elephant pillow.  

There are endless themes to make a child’s room entertaining and cute. Find ideas online or get creative. Come up with inexpensive DIY tricks to decorate a room for your child that is awesome! Find ways to make your child explore. Inspire their passions, creativities, and create a place that stimulates thinking, dreaming and fun.