Ways to Save Space in a Small Room

Small apartments or rooms are tricky to decorate without the room feeling cramped. In this case, there are a few clever tips and tricks to carry out to make the most out of the small space. The first step is to look for funky furniture with extra storage capabilities. Today, the market for these kinds of storage containers is huge and more creative than ever. In a home, you can hide so much junk in elegant pieces of furniture. For example, people utilize the space of a staircase. They make stairs that pull out as drawers that can hold shoes, books, or any other small items that clutter a home. For small bedrooms, there are sofas that fold out into bunk beds. This is an excellent way to be extra efficient with bedroom space. Window seats and other elegant pieces in a room can hide plenty of clutter as well, and in a relatively organized way. They also make fold away tables and desks that double as wall art, a very clever way to make a room feel bigger.


If the goal is to make a small room feel bigger, be sure to purchase storage furniture. This keeps clutter out of the room, making it seem more open and less chaotic. Also, do not go crazy with the decorations. Too many focal points or decorations make a small room seem busy and cramped. When looking for decorations for a small room, decorators suggest following the cantaloupe rule: only buy large decorations that are at least the size of a cantaloupe because small items make a room feel crowded. Some decorators suggest painting the ceiling to make the room feel taller. Other interior designers encourage painting the walls light colors that add openness and bring light into the room. Adding strategically placed mirrors in the room can give the illusion of more space. Interior designers suggest adding focal points or decorative accents that attract the eye upward making the room feel bigger and more spacious. This is usually done by a installing a bookshelf on the ceiling border. Keep all of these tips in mind when decorating your small room!